Free Solar Panels For Home Use: What’s the Catch and How to Benefit From Rent a Roof Solar

‘Free solar panels’ allow you to have a solar electric system installed on your roof and to get paid for it while getting provided with solar generated electricity.

Free solar panel systems are implemented by ‘rent-a-roof’ companies – certified solar installers who get their profit from the local utility grid owner and the taxpayers.

Although seeming rather beneficial for the homeowners, such a scheme does have its drawbacks, especially in the long term.

To be able to decide whether to accept a free-solar-panels offer, you should be well familiar with the essentials.

By watching below video you’ll discover:

  • what are ‘free solar panels’ or ‘Rent-a-Roof’ schemes
  • where they are offered,
  • what are their benefits and drawbacks and possible catches,
  • practical tips and recommendations in case you decide to participate in a ‘free solar panels’ deal and/or are offered a contract by a rent-a-roof company.

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Lacho Pop, MSE, holds a Master's Degree in Electronics and Automatics. He has more than 15 years of experience in the design and implementation of various sophisticated electronic, solar power, and telecommunication systems.  He authored and co-authored several practical solar books in the field of solar power and solar photovoltaics. All the books were well-received by the public. You can discover more about his bestselling solar books on Amazon on his profile page here: Lacho Pop, MSE Profile