Why Solar Power

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This site has been created to help you. Whether your are going to purchase solar power system or build solar panels systems by yourself you’ve come to the right place.

From the very beginning, I want to be completely honest with you: the solar power is not the ultimate solution for every case.

That’s why its eventual implementation require careful in advance consideration and budgeting taking into account :

* power consumption of your household
* house isolation
* possibility for improving energy efficiency of your house
* house location and its disposition to sun energy during the year
* local building regulations and legislation concerning whether building permit is necessary
* the money you are going to invest in solar power
* payback period for your investment in solar power
In order to gain a basic understanding of solar panels and solar power systems we highly encourage you download our free ebook entitled “Solar Panels Basics”. You can download it for FREE by clicking  here: Solar Panels Basics Ebook

What are advantages of the solar power

Solar energy panels and solar systems operate silently
Solar system can increase the value of your property
Government gives incentives to those who use alternative form of energy provided that system being installed complies with government standard
The price of photovoltaic cells is steadily decreasing and new types cost effective solar panels are being developed and introduced to market
Solar panels and solar systems can be installed almost everywhere. The only one requirement to the installation place is to have access to the sun
Solar panels are dependable and require little or no maintenance
Solar energy is environment-friendly

What are disadvantages of the solar systems

Solar panels are considered expensive
While the prices of PV cells are in constant decline, the cost of installation is substantially high compared to the current electric cost. But the good thing is, after your initial cash out, you don’t have to pay every month on electric bills for the rest of your life
Solar panels and solar systems efficiency depends on environmental factors.
Solar panel efficiency decreases due to soiling, temperature variation, improper solar panel orientation (azimuth/elevation)
Solar panels only produce energy during day time and the amount of energy provided is different over the day time
What is more, the solar system can generate excessive energy during given hours when you don’t need it. The solution to this problem is the usage of energy storage system
The solar systems require clear line of site towards the sun
The shade has negative impact on solar panels and as a consequence solar system efficiency can drop dramatically
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Lacho Pop, MSE, holds a Master's Degree in Electronics and Automatics. He has more than 15 years of experience in the design and implementation of various sophisticated electronic, solar power, and telecommunication systems.  He authored and co-authored several practical solar books in the field of solar power and solar photovoltaics. All the books were well-received by the public. You can discover more about his bestselling solar books on Amazon on his profile page here: Lacho Pop, MSE Profile