Essential Guidelines on Mobile Solar Power for RVs, Caravans, Campers or Boats

Yes, a solar power system on your RV or boat brings freedom, independence, and pleasure at weekends. Also, it makes you look both ‘green’ and ‘cool.’ Indeed, if you have a motorhome, what’s wrong with adding solar panels on the roof and enjoy the free electricity? Well, nothing’s wrong, but the devil is yet in … Read more

Solar Power System Components Demystified: What You Need To Know When Selecting The Building Blocks of Your Solar System

This article reveals the basics of the main components of a solar photovoltaic system you need to know once you have decided to go solar. Whether you have made up your mind to buy a solar power system or build it yourself, you are to consider the following: How to differentiate between the various types … Read more

15 Blunders That Can Ruin Your Solar Power Project

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What Are Solar Panels Made Of- How Do Solar Panels Work

 The definitive guide to how solar panels produce electricity  The main element of a solar electric (photovoltaic) system is the solar (photovoltaic, PV) cell. Hereinafter the terms ‘solar’ and ‘photovoltaic’ are used interchangeably. We would like once again to remind that term ‘solar’ could be somewhat confusing because it’s also used for solar-thermal collectors used … Read more

Solar Power Systems For Your Home Or Business

   Solar electric (photovoltaic) systems generate electricity from solar energy. The solar generated electricity can be used in your home/office and/or exported to the utility grid. Therefore solar power systems are divided in two main types – connected to the grid, or ‘grid-tied’, and disconnected to the grid, also known as ‘off-grid’. The main components … Read more