15 Blunders That Can Ruin Your Solar Power Project

This article outlines the most commonly committed mistakes and blunders you might commit if you decide to build or buy a solar power system for your house or RV. We would like to share our experience about what to avoid once you have decided to buy a solar power system or build it yourself. Being … Read more

What is the Cost of Using Solar Energy: The Real Cost of Solar Power System For Home and OFF-Grid Revealed

A techno-economic assessment will prove the economic feasibility and sense of buying a solar electric system. First, let’s consider grid-tied systems. If you are planning to buy, build yourself or have built a grid-tied system, such an evaluation should, by all means, take into account the expected future price of grid electricity over the period … Read more

What Are The Disadvantages Of Solar Power?

Along with numerous advantages, solar power has some drawbacks. Let’s list the most important disadvantages of solar power: 1. Solar electricity might not  be economically beneficial for everyone Our comment on this disadvantage of solar power: Although prices of photovoltaics / solar panels are steadily going down and electricity prices rise gradually in the USA … Read more

What Are The Problems With Solar Power

If you are planning to buy a photovoltaic solar power system, you are supposed to start with increasing energy efficiency of your home or office. Achieving energy efficiency means reducing electrical consumption and your monthly electricity bills respectively. Why is energy efficiency so important? Simply because saving energy is less expensive than producing energy. By … Read more

Why You Should Be Careful With Free Solar Sizing Software

Why you should be careful with free solar sizing software or tools? Free software for solar power system sizing could be easily found on the Internet, on sites of most solar vendors. It appears attractive since everybody would be excited to get a solar system evaluated for free. At least this is what those free … Read more